by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×03: “Su-Su-Sucio”

In Weeds on June 23, 2009 at 1:31 pm

Leave it to Weeds to make a character we last saw sanding someone’s face off sympathetic.

Celia’s need for control, even in a Mexican rebel camp, was once again her undoing, as she woke up on a bus at the border. My question is how she’ll trek from Texas to Ren-Mar in time for next week’s episode. Doug and Silas seem well on their way to opening their own pot club, though this storyline doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry.

Sucio made for quite a capable bodyguard, until he didn’t anymore. It’s just like Nancy to see someone who takes so much pride in being intimidating and make it a personal challenge to be their friend. We saw it with U-Turn in season three, and we saw it last night when she made sandwiches for Sucio and herself, not long before his untimely disappearance.

For only appearing in two episodes, Jennifer Jason Leigh made quite an impression as Jill Price-Gray. And we’ve learned more about Nancy’s mysterious past in two weeks than we had in four previous seasons. And anytime the family does gather for dinner, it’s bound to be a great scene, this time highlighting the smoldering tension between the sisters, which came to a head when Jill confronted Nancy about being abandoned to care for their dying parents. Jill and Andy’s proxy relationship continued to serve as a telling illustration, right up until a stressed Nancy rounded the family up to flee. And for the second time in three episodes, we end with an ominous shot of someone with ulterior motives keeping an eye on Nancy.

What a fun episode, especially for the interplay between Leigh and Parker. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we see of her before the series concludes. If there’s one thing this show’s great at, it’s leaving you wanting more…of the guest stars, of the story, of these deeply flawed and interesting characters.

One last note: Nancy still seems to feel obligated to Shane for ruining his childhood (see also: “The Dark Time”) in a way that continues to fall just shy of redemptive.

A BIG TEASE | Justin Kirk talks to E! about the new season, and hints at an exciting casting spoiler


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