by pat howard

THE REAL WORLD | 22×01: “Yes We Cancun”

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2009 at 1:36 pm

This is the dramatically edited story of seven servers (and a student) picked to live in “paradise,” work together, and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being sober and start getting slutty.

And you thought last season in Brooklyn was bad. A disclaimer: I’ve only begun watching this season to fill some temporary voids in my life. My sister is studying abroad in Mexico this summer, so I errantly presumed this might give me some insight into that experience, and also it’s not quite time for my summer guilty pleasure, Big Brother. So we’ll see how long I manage to stick with this train wreck.

Apparently we’re sticking with the “eight roommates” strategy for the time being. Four guys and four gals appear to be tearing up the penthouse suite of a hotel. It is of course ridiculous and boasts an ocean view. The first hour was a lot of typical getting-to-know-you-with-cocktails action, checking out of the house, and managing tenuous connections with pre-existing boyfriends and girlfriends.

In CJ’s case, this means getting your hair braided after breaking up with your girlfriend via email because she was mad about you sharing a bed with another girl while your alien enthusiast rock band roomie Joey was bedding someone he’d just met in a nightclub. The real lowlight of the hour, though, was the scene in which everyone gawked in horror as Bronne made out with Joey’s date’s cougar mom. Oh yeah, it’s going to be that kind of season.

This season on The Real World: same as it ever was, though I doubt we’ll see anything as cool as the Brooklyn coffee table smashing.


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