by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×04: “Super Lucky Happy”

In Weeds on June 30, 2009 at 10:33 am

First things first: where do I find this Weeds/MLP pinball machine?

“Nothing is exactly as it seems, nor is it otherwise.” Shane is the new, more stupid Silas. Silas is the new, more cautious Nancy. Some bank employee is the new, much crazier Jill. Ignacio is the new, cleaner Sucio. Andy is the new Judah, and Celia is still Celia. In this new Weeds world, there is a bit of comfort in all this familiarity.

Is it just me, or was this the funniest episode so far this season? It’s nice to find that levity again amid all the typical serious stuff. “Mommy needs to get drunk.” How sad that Andy hasn’t noticed Shane has fallen from his position as moral center of the family. How ignorant that Shane let himself get jacked…aren’t we supposed to learn from others’ mistakes. But as Shane points out, “I’m a Botwin. We’re not responsible for anything we do.”

The Till-Ignacio standoff was a nice moment of control for Taser Nancy, broken up only to run Celia out of the house again, this time by fire. Nice to see the former Mrs. Hodes back in town (where’s Isabel these days?); maybe she’ll soon be back in the loop as well. And I’m assuming Till is finally dead, but that seems an anticlimactic conclusion after the long journey we’ve seen him through. Props to Jack Stehlin for cultivating this character from the first moment we met Peter’s boss in season two.

Judah’s former lover was an interesting idea…with all this delving into Nancy’s past, it hadn’t occured to me that we might learn about Judah’s as well. If we had, I might have been expecting Francie, the successful woman Len mentioned last season. This bank employee seems a little on the insane side, but of course Andy would indulge her delusions — anything in the name of a scheme.

The magic ball (and the lighting in the hallway before and after Esteban makes his move) is a great and desperate metaphor for all this uncertainty. Having discovered that Nancy’s bun is indeed a boy, Esteban seems to be coming around. But who can be sure whether this is real, or will last? At the house, Andy finishes assembling the baby gift for the woman he truly loves. At the beach, Esteban hurls her uncertainty into the ocean and embraces a reluctant Nancy.

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