by pat howard

BIG BROTHER 11 | Premiere night

In Big Brother on July 9, 2009 at 11:31 am

It’s finally here. An eleventh cycle of America’s love/hate summer reality juggernaut kicks off tonight at 8p/7c, with a glowing Chenbot as host. Of course that means a whole new season of Big Brother After Dark, and you can count on The TV Manifesto for a fourth season of After Dark headlines, gossip, and strategizing. Look for the kickoff of that tonight after midnight ET.

This year, I’m also contributing to the coverage at Big Brother Access, which you can count on for a fuller perspective on the show as a new season unfolds. Other good sites for you feed-subscribing (or just spoiler-hunting) folks include We Love Big Brother and Joker’s Updates.

Haters, fear not. Regular summer coverage of things that aren’t BB11 will continue unabated in this space. Except for The Real World. Having failed to make it through even five minutes of last night’s episode, I’m done with that disaster.


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