by pat howard

BB11 | After Dark Update (7/14)

In Big Brother: After Dark on July 13, 2009 at 11:11 pm


  • Jessie is the current HoH
  • Chima and Lydia are both nominated for eviction
    • Russell won the Pov, and removed Lydia from the block; Braden is now nominated with Chima
  • A major blow-up occurred today between several of the HGs, with Lydia fueling the fire
    • I tried to round up some YouTube clips, but Real is starting to catch on have them taken down; I’d recommend searching Twitter for live links
  • The Brains clique of Ronnie, Chima, and Michele are still in the “Have Not” room til midnight house time
  • The veto comp and ceremony will air tomorrow night…

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