by pat howard

LOST | Suffering season three

In Lost on July 13, 2009 at 2:39 am

It’s a good thing I wasn’t watching this season week-to-week as it aired, or I would’ve abandoned the show and possibly never looked back.

Sure, Lost is an allegory about good and evil, and the shades of gray that come along with trying to define those extremes. And it’s a mystery, so we’re supposed to keep guessing whether The Others can be trusted and so on. But as season three concludes, the storyline has progressed approximately 90 days. This is almost Passions slow, and I spent the middle of this season growing old waiting for something to happen that advanced the plot more than a few feet forward. Not helping was an arc structure seemingly cribbed from the election seasons of The West Wing, wherein we alternated weeks between the campaign trail and the White House.

Yes, great, six seasons and you can take your time telling the story. It doesn’t help that most of the new characters introduced in all these storylines about The Others are either uninteresting or 100% irritating. We lost Mr. Eko, which was a huge disappointment. Thank goodness for Rose and Bernard (though I can count their appearances here on one hand) for remaining pretty much the least sucky characters in the bunch. Sun and Jin are reasonably inoffensive as well, not just because one of them can’t speak English and therefore has very little dialogue. And things and people still look implausibly pretty, so visually nothing’s changed.

The best thing Desmond’s bringing to the party are his visions (and maybe Penny), which excruciatingly set up Charlie’s end-of-season demise. Things blow up, people get shot. Some backstories have unexplored potential for being less interesting than a game of spider solitaire. Nikki and Paolo seem to be an entirely pointless waste of screen time. What is wrong with Ben’s voice? Is he shooting for the nails-on-a-chalkboard of voice acting? It was nice of Sawyer to kill Locke’s dad, though, putting everyone involved out of their misery. Now if only someone would accidentally shoot Jack. Oh wait, there he is in the future. Damn. Well, never mind, I guess. At least there will be flashes forward to count on in season four. (And Rose is on the DVD packaging, so that’s promising, right?)

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