by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×06: “A Modest Proposal”

In Weeds on July 15, 2009 at 10:58 am

Six months later? Is this the first concrete reference to time we’ve gotten in five seasons?
If it was unclear whether Nancy was showing before, there is no question now. Girl is pretty far along. She and Shane have seriously moved into Esteban’s estate. “I’ve decided that we will get married”? What a romantic proposal. As scary and intimidating as he is, Esteban does have this bizarre soft side, and he never seems quite as creepy as Peter eventually did.

C.P. complains that Silas and Doug’s pot club has been light on their payments, all the while bogarting their product. Doug has decided to adopt George Hamilton’s life philosophy, which boils down to making poor decisions like getting a spray tan. Doug also picks a fight with C.P. about hanging around the business all the time, which ends in the cop accidentally knocking himself out. Is he dead? Maybe we’ll find out next week.

Shane continues to play Ignacio’s shadow, getting him to agree to let Master Botwin skip summer school for the day. After all, “school doesn’t teach nothing useful” like violent Spanish phrases. Their hooky shenanigans include annoying golfers at a driving range, and in Ignacio’s case, beating them senseless with a golf club. Shane finally realizes that Ignacio is too intense to be a role model. Celia is still living in the garage with the General Lee, and is now working at a Foot Locker knockoff. Unable to get a ride to work from any existing cast member, she winds up at the bus stop, where she is picked up by a cosmetics saleswoman and given a lift to a future plot point.

At Bubbie’s, a heavily bearded Andy has blown his questionable inheritance on arcade games and kitchy crap, including the General Lee. His new goal in life is the record high score in Ms. Pac-Man. Nancy drops by to fill him in on the engagement in one of those amazing scenes that make this whole show seem like Mary-Louise Playhouse featuring Justin Kirk. MLP does have a knack for one-sided phone conversations. Also on her “look, I’m engaged” tour is Guillermo, who is impressed with her survival skills; welcome to the club, Guillermo.

Andy shows up at the manse to give his blessing to the happy couple, and also fence with Esteban. Then we get another Mary-Louise Playhouse scene in a kitchen we’ve never seen before. “Blessed are you who has kept us alive, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this season,” Andy says in Hebrew before refusing to hear Nancy’s apology. He makes it clear that he won’t be around to pick up the pieces when things inevitably fall apart. No sooner has Andy left than an angry Mexican woman saunters in to dress Esteban down. She just as quickly saunters out, and Esteban tells Nancy the wedding’s off. Drama!

The setup-to-payoff ratio is chugging along quite sustainably here, and it looks like things are going to start hitting the fan next week. Watch out, Dr. Alanis!


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