by pat howard

BB11 | After Dark Update (7/17)

In Big Brother: After Dark on July 16, 2009 at 11:44 pm

  • In tonight’s first live eviction of the season between Chima and Braden, the HGs were split making the vote a 5-5 tie
    • According to Big Brother Leak, “When they censored Chima, she said this: ‘He called YOU a whore, Julie, yes he did!’ She also brought up the beaner/Mexican comment,” which was also noticeably edited out of the recap highlight package.
  • Jessie as the HoH held the tiebreaker and he decided to evict Braden
  • In tonight’s HoH comp, it came down to two members from the Brains clique w/ Ronnie defeating Michele to become the new HoH
  • The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night…

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