by pat howard

A retraction

In Uncategorized on July 18, 2009 at 9:42 pm

Blogging is a game with few rigid rules, unlike its more established journalistic counterparts. One of the problems of being your own editor is not having a second opinion on posts like the one I dashed off last night regarding Andy Rooney’s comments on the passing of broadcasting legend Walter Cronkite, who died Friday at age 92. I implied that Rooney was more concerned about himself than the passing of his colleague; it was regrettable.

Thanks to reader Arnie G. for calling me out, and providing a concise history of Cronkite’s close relationship with Rooney. As someone who was born after Cronkite’s heyday and only knows Rooney from his curmudgeonly 60 Minutes segments, it was a welcome lesson. I apologize for the thoughtless remark, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

A CBS News retrospective on Cronkite airs Sunday at 7p/6c.

  1. Well done. Last comment –

    It was sickening to watch the comments of Les Moonves regarding Cronkite. Praising Cronkite’s honesty, forthrightness, in the field heroic experience, and the history of a man who established the bar for honest reportage in television — from Moonves, the man who has single handedly cut out the heart of a news organization that was once an epitomy of evening TV news, and has basically turned it into an entertainment magazine fronted by Katie Couric. Moonves was asked, if Cronkite walked into his office today asking for a job would he hire him, Moonves carefully replied yes. Were the shoe on the other foot I think Cronkite would quickly use that shoe to kick Moonves out the window onto 57th street below.

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