by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×08: “A Distinctive Horn”

In Weeds on July 28, 2009 at 5:20 pm


A familiar face returns.

How did Celia fail to read the fine print on her “You’re Pretty” contract, having been married to a lawyer for so long? “CeCe sells a lifestyle,” we’re told. Know who else sells a lifestyle? Lacey. I am going to name at least one future pet after the character aliases from this show. Nice that they’ve kept Dean around, though, and that he can continue to function as a pass-through for the other, more important characters. And how gratifying to see Celia and Dean working toward a common goal once again, though everyone knows it’s not meant to last.

Has anyone noticed that they’ve been throwing the C-word around quite a lot this season? There are plenty of perjorative expletives Showtime is capable of pushing through. Have we gotten stuck on this one? Pilar continues to be mysterious and cranky. Nancy and Esteban continue to argue about how to raise the baby. Andy continues to pine after the show’s revolving door of female guest stars, and may have finally met his foil in Alanis, who is consistently turning in laudable performances as the obgyn. Though this episode’s lines about her being all wrapped up in the drama felt a tad expositiony and meta, they were more than made up for in the scenes outside the clinic and in the restaurant. Who knew what a rockin’ actress she was? “If they feed you, go.”

It’s wonderful to see Lupita again. She can now claim the distinction of appearing in every season of this sprawling soap. I hope this won’t be the last we see of her as the youngest Botwin’s nanny. How convenient to see Andy’s romantic subplot once again burn out and dovetail into this Fake Judah character he can’t decide whether to turn into, all “stop playing doctor and be a doctor.” How will this latest shuffle of the deck serve to thicken the plot to its desired cliffhanger consistency? Let’s just say it’s obvious we haven’t seen the last of Esteban, even after Nancy throws him out of the arcade she and Andy call their home.

I’m hoping next summer’s sixth season is the show’s last, because so many things are coming full circle here in round five. I’d love to see it go out on top rather than get long in the tooth. Either way, it remains one of my favorite shows of all time, and I’m glad it has hit this creative stride once again.


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