by pat howard

NURSE JACKIE | 1×08: “Pupil”

In Nurse Jackie on July 29, 2009 at 3:09 pm

Way to drop your “sprinkles” on your daughter’s doughnut, Jackie.

The tightrope act is beginning to sag. An already-frazzled Jackie has to deal with a major nursing shortage, a paper kite of a temp, and no sympathy from Akalitis. I guess she’s saving it all for that baby she’s got nonsensically stowed away in her office. This week we’re back to morose drama, tone-wise. Even Zoey’s usual hilarity carried an uncharacteristic damper in this episode. Triage was maybe the humorous highlight here.

It certainly wasn’t Coop’s flirtation with the one-note family — sick mom, put-upon daughter, and favorite daughter. Which two out of three have plans for Coop? It might not matter, because it’s not like anyone can ever get in touch with him. How hard can it really be to answer one’s pager? What is this supposed to be symbolic of in Coop’s character, other than maybe carelessness? Could the drug-abusing temp have repurcussions for Jackie, since he’s onto her secret? I actually doubt we’ll ever see him again. Thor had a nice couple of drive-by scenes, as usual.

I’m still not sure how to feel about Grace and her panic disorder. It reminds me of how little patience I had for the Shane character in the early seasons of Weeds. Something needs to be done, and I’m not sure why Jackie refuses to do anything more than put out fires. The headless school employee behind Grace was creepy, but not as creepy as the faces the girl made in the bar while Jackie karaoke’d us out of this episode.

Coop’s friendship with Eddie paid off interestingly with the doctor’s revelation that Jackie has a kid, which she is now obligated to eventually explain to her unwittingly adulterous lover. Does anyone else find it suspect that Jackie manages to have such lavish lunches, supposedly in just 30 minutes? Did it strike anyone else that Kevin might also be stepping out on the marriage, or am I reading signals wrong? Here’s hoping Grace’s storyline doesn’t culminate in an actual “Up on the Roof” scenario.

Next: I hear the stakes can only go up in the season’s remaining four episodes.


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