by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×09: “Suck ‘n Spit”

In Weeds on August 4, 2009 at 3:54 pm

weeds_logoEsteban misses Nancy. Nancy misses a real bed. Andy probably misses being rejuvenile.
This dance Nancy’s been doing with Andy in season five continues to intensify, now that they’re sharing a baby. It’s safe to say their relationship is hitting ridiculous heights (see: this episode’s eponymous bathroom scene) unimaginable amid the chaos of pizza eggs and “Chris Died” T-shirts so many episodes ago. With this installment, Weeds continues to solidify for me many, many reasons never to have children.

Dean continues to circle the drain of relevance, pinballing between Doug/Silas and Celia. On the surface, CeCe’s credit card weed pyramid scheme is brilliant. But as usual, she hasn’t thought more than a couple moves ahead, and I give it two weeks before it crashes down around her. Doug’s gloming onto You’re Pretty will surely only accelerate this process.

Shane’s twins have brought him a surprise…what’s that, consequences for a Botwin? Never. The hilarious part is that it turns out to be not chlamydia, but a yeast infection. Way to fake us out with a Shane story, also. I’m hoping this means we’ve seen the last of Shane’s gross girlfriends.

Amazingly, Esteban stayed away for almost an entire episode, culminating in this outdoor confrontation. Cesar did a bang-up job bodyguarding, eh? Better late than never, I guess, though being outside in broad daylight was bad news in the first place. We are left with Shane slumping on the porch, shot in the arm. It’s always nice when you don’t see it coming.

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