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THE FRIDAY FIVE | Favorite Degrassi episodes

In The Friday Five on August 7, 2009 at 9:31 pm

degrassiWith one week until Degrassi Goes Hollywood, I’ve been thinking about my favorite TNG episodes.

Rock This Town
Season Six | Episode 11
Of all the tragic romances in the halls of Degrassi, by far the most tortured was that of JT and Liberty. The groundwork for their on-again, off-again unlikely pairing was laid early in season one. After a long will-they-or-won’t-they dance, a tumultuous pregnancy, and a devastating breakup, these two were finally poised to confront their true feelings…and then JT got stabbed in the gut.

Eyes Without a Face
Season Six | Episode Six
Since these hallowed halls have virtually no institutional memory, the students of Degrassi are bound to forever repeat each other’s mistakes. Darcy could’ve learned a thing or two from Emma’s online stalker or Manny’s embarrassing topless video. But she didn’t.

Season Three | Episode Three
Marco’s sexuality was forced front and center with the introduction of Paige’s gay brother Dylan. But how would coming out affect his friendships? Degrassi has never been about easy answers, and the tension between Spinner and Marco here comes through in spades.

Season Four | Episode 15
After the fallout from a traumatic shooting earlier in season four, Emma is reeling and seeks comfort in an unlikely place — Jay’s crotch. For her trouble, she gets an STD and a Shakespearean throwdown behind the scenes of the school play. This was also back when Spike and Snake still seemed authoritative as Emma’s parents, so they’re belivably helpless here.

High Fidelity
Season Five | Episode 19
As the first crop of TNG classmates prepares for graduation, Paige and Spinner grow closer. But how will this affect Spin’s new relationship with Darcy? The second graduation episode, season seven’s “We Built This City,” is great as well, and feels like it would’ve been a superb series finale.

Talk about your favorites in the comments.


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