by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×10: “Perro Insano”

In Weeds on August 11, 2009 at 1:43 pm

weeds_logo“It was this thing that happened today. Other things happen other days. Things will happen tomorrow.”

I almost fell asleep during the twenty minutes of “previously on.” Looking back, I might’ve enjoyed the nap more.

Nancy should know better than to suggest taking Shane to the hospital. Doesn’t she remember her gangster training and visits to Dr. Tupelo? After the long drive across the border, we make it to Esteban’s house and one of those annoying scenes that used to seem clever. Shane sits in a chair as we jump cut among virtually every other cast member addressing the silent victim, each visitor addressing his or her own concerns, with the exception of Alanis Morissette, who has been pressed into service once again.

Only when Nancy sits down does Shane bother to speak, pointing out that it was a matter of time before one of them got shot. It has taken five seasons of bs, but I’m finally starting not to buy into Nancy anymore. I don’t know if it’s because this episode feels like a total betrayal of her character, or what. But mark this down as the week where she lost me.

The You’re Pretty/marijuana dispensary storylines have converged, and they’re so paper-thin that someone’s decided Silas can’t be a part of whatever fallout will occur. It takes Doug five minutes of not selling cosmetics before he puts together Celia’s scam. She’s busy making a deal with Ignacio and giving Dean the shaft yet again.

Shane’s bullet wound is the perfect opportunity to shunt Silas back into the Botwin storyline, since his own arc this season is currently sinking like a lead balloon as the supporting cast clings to it like driftwood. Shane tells Silas he likes to hurt himself. Nancy tells Silas to run away to Europe, several times, unconvincingly, sometimes while lolling on Esteban by the pool. Silas isn’t having it, and I can’t believe the way Nancy is letting Esteban talk to Silas (while Shane drinks behind them on his pool floatie, no less).

Nancy and Cesar have it out about Pilar’s hired gun. She calls him gay and shoots him in the arm. Then she strong-arms an ousted Esteban to run for governor as an independent (Pilar has muscled him out). Then she marries him. Everyone wears the ugliest thing they can find to the wedding. Finally, she visits Guillermo in prison to order a hit on Pilar.

I have to hope, for the sake of all the time I’ve invested in this show, these stories, and these characters, that Nancy’s bluffing or setting Esteban up somehow. Because this is not any version of Nancy I ever thought I knew. Hopefully, the show has successfully manipulated me into this position in the interest of a forthcoming story payoff jackpot. Either way, this episode was almost entirely unwatchable. Except for…

…Andy, who continues his season of growing up, wanting Alanis on a different level than he went after the biter, Yael, Kat, or even Jill. “Is this an occupational hazard, aborting everything?” “It’s not a life yet, Andy.” Who would’ve guessed that these two could turn out to be so much fun to watch?

The one redeeming scene in all this is Nancy and Andy’s goodbye scene. Of course it would go down in a bathroom — that’s the truest to itself the show seemed to be in this installment. I hope this is real, for Andy. It feels like an actual goodbye, but then again, so did the last one. Make good on all this, Weeds. Three to go, and this season has shown quite a bit of promise.


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