by pat howard

NURSE JACKIE | 1×10: “Ring Finger”

In Nurse Jackie on August 12, 2009 at 11:42 pm

“I went to second with my manager at Burger King. So I get it.”

Jackie’s world is falling down around her, and it is deliciously satisfying. Zoey has discovered her thing with Eddie. Coop has discovered he’s on the hook for that shady organ business last week, so Jackie’s solution is to encourage his inappropriate sexual touching. O’Hara finds all this hilarious, and then abets Jackie’s pile of lies by helping her cut off her wedding ring so Eddie doesn’t notice it. To cover this up, Jackie takes a hammer to her ring finger so her husband won’t be suspicious when she gets home. Jackie’s dancing as fast as she can, but with the Pixus pill machine set to replace Eddie, her drug habit having gone well past out of control, and the season arc hurtling toward its preordained conclusion, someone’s tap shoes are toeing too close to the fire.


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