by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×11: “Ducks and Tigers”

In Weeds on August 18, 2009 at 12:00 pm

weeds_logoShane is one messed-up kid, avoiding pain pills in favor of beer and saying terribly dark things about his dead father.
The A-story this week is all about what a terrible parent Nancy is. She has had this realization way too late — even Esteban’s other daughter can see this. (My first instinct was to like this stepsister, but she’s so put together that I want to rebel against the obvious cajoling that we be struck by her.) No amount of marital compromise from the gubernatorial candidate can make it right, or better. It’s possible that Nancy is just not maternal, and there would be nothing wrong with that if she hadn’t already screwed up two kids. For Esteban to assume there will be nothing to send Stevie away from seems short-sighted even for him. I’m also glad Lupita has been allowed to stick around.

Guillermo is a fun guy to have around, someone who’s even more unpredictable than Nancy. Now that he’s being transferred south of the border, who knows what excitement is in store for the final two episodes of season five. I like this thing between Nancy and Cesar, now that she shot him and they’re working together.

Audra and Andy have made significant progress, and he is getting a chance to showcase some of his particular talents. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Andy sex montage, and this one feels so earned. “If you don’t climax, the terrorists win.” Growth is so rare on this show, and I keep waiting for it to all fall apart. In the meantime, it’s enjoyable, and I’d love to see Alanis’ name in the guest star Emmy category next summer.

Celia is back on top of her supposed game, poised for another delicious takedown. Hard not to agree with Isabel that this lesbian phase is patently offensive, not that Celia hasn’t expressed interest in trying out the other team as far back as season one. The Doug-and-Dean subplot is revving in stupid first-season “let’s get high” neutral; props, I guess, for remembering how the show used to be, but all their scenes this week feel like placeholders before they join forces with Isabel at the end of this episode.

No question Pilar is behind Esteban’s takedown. How far will this go, though, and how fast? Next week, my friends.


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