by pat howard

NURSE JACKIE | 1×11: “Pill-O-Matix”

In Nurse Jackie on August 19, 2009 at 11:41 am

“She said The F.”
I like that the structure has slowly morphed over the course of this season so that the family scenes continue to quietly gobble up more and more screen time. As if Jackie’s secret family might just swallow the show whole at some point. Kevin and Fi pick out a new ring for Jackie, while Jackie’s mouth and attitude embarrass Grace at dance class.

The knockoff pill dispensing machine is here to replace Eddie, and none of the regulars are pleased. Akalitis seems like a person for most of this installment, albeit a person who shops at Dress Barn. Eddie is hopeful that he and Jackie’s relationship can survive his exit from All Saints. He teaches her that the software is so cheap and poorly designed that it resets if you unplug it, making the pill machine Jackie’s new candy store.

She likes gum? Coop is smitten with Jackie after their illicit kiss last week. So much so that he breaks up with Melissa, bugs Zoey about Jackie’s personal life and interests, and buys his intended roses. “You reached out to somebody safe.”

Zoey continues to be hilarious, even when trying to kill Victor Garber. Garber’s showdown with Akalitis, “a fellow bad guy,” was delicious enough to make us sad when he crashes after getting too high a dosage of pain medication. Some of the “Jackie likes bad movies” dialogue seemed out of place, but it was made up for in the nurses’ lunch where Thor and Mo-Mo tried to comfort their newest colleague.

O’Hara’s function at this point in the arc is to laugh at the ridiculousness of Jackie’s situation, while alluding to some dark pain in her own past. “What a wildly entertaining mess you’ve made.” Truly, as we see a crushed Eddie walking away from Kevin’s bar after secretly following Jackie home to her at least happy-looking family.

Next week: All Saints’ nurses and all of her men can’t put Nurse Jackie back together again. Season finale’d!


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