by pat howard

THE FRIDAY FIVE | ‘Big Brother’ resources

In Big Brother, The Friday Five on August 21, 2009 at 11:30 am

Like hamsters on the wheel, so are the days in the Big Brother house.

BigBrotherLeak on Twitter
Updated multiple times daily, this Twitter feed has got the scoop on all things Big Brother. It is so indispensable and on top of things, I initially assumed it was affiliated with production itself. If you follow one Big Brother Twitter account, make it this one.

Inside Dish with Ross Mathews
Ross is a huge Big Brother fan, and with the demise of House Calls, Ross’ daily Internet talk show is the new official post-eviction interview with the HGs. Lately, he’s done about one bonus Brother edition each week as well.

Joker’s Updates
For blow-by-blow (and sneeze-by-sneeze) recaps of the live feeds, as well as daily roundups and extensive forums on every aspect of the game, Joker’s Updates is the gold standard. There’s also that addictive weekly grab game.

We Love Big Brother
A good roundup of news, gossip, and video, WLBB is a perfectly serviceable fan site. It also features a live weekly talk show starring previous HGs.

Julie Chen’s EW host blog
Sometimes crazy, sometimes insightful, the Chenbot’s weekly thoughts on the goings on in the house have become a must read this season.


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