by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×12: “Glue”

In Weeds on August 25, 2009 at 11:17 am

weeds_logoThis season of love is poised to burn out bright.

Even Nancy realizes it’s weird that Esteban is her husband. She is the first person to be seen drinking in this episode. Shane is unconcerned about Esteban’s current plight. “Do you ever wish that you could go back to right after Dad died and do things differently?” “I try not to think about it.” “I think about it a lot.” Is Nancy still wearing maternity clothes, or is that just ‘the style’ these days?

Isabel is grossed out by CeCe’s transformation into Sham Nancy, “dressed like a prostitute” and drinking an It’s A Grind iced latte. As she heads out to make a drug deal with Ignacio, Isabel warns her errant mother about the black cop downstairs who’s been asking about her. “Have fun with the whole Nancy envy and the drug deal and the taking and the wanting and the not being afraid.”

Andy hops in the back of Nancy’s limo. she’s all sad about how her husband has been taken away, while Andy babbles about his mission, which is to propose to Audra. This is another of those Ron Fitzgerald “Nancy and Andy talk over each other” scenes that these two make work so well. Andy is there to ask Nancy for the ring Judah gave her, Bubbie’s ring, the family heirloom.

The erstwhile mayor’s manse is on lockdown, so Silas is trapped there with Adelita, whose prep school friends are dropping by to take a load off and smoke some heroin. Maybe they’ll try to date rape Adelita while they’re at it.

Cesar is on the hunt for Esteban at some Mexican police station. Andy attempts to distract Nancy with a 1974 issue of Woman’s You-Niverse. The “Are You Truly In Love” quiz will turn out to frame the episode, probably the season, and possibly the series itself. As happens, it’s the questions more than the answers that resonate.

Now CeCe is afraid, sketched out when she connects with Perro Insano/Ignacio at a wrestling meet-and-greet, because that cop is there lurking.

Nancy and Andy discuss the importance of friendship between lovers. “It’s always about sex with you.” Andy plans to propose tomorrow, and that’s when it occurs to Nancy that he might be serious about marrying Audra. Celia calls Nancy from a pay phone for advice on avoiding the fuzz. Nancy asks her for help with the love quiz, but Celia gets distracted by the cop again, so Nancy hangs up. Cesar is back to ferry Nancy to yet another floor in search of her latest husband.

Adelita’s friends are here to talk down to Silas for going to public school and make us like her less than we did.

“What is the glue that holds your relationship together for life?” They are on an elevator now, going over each other’s past loves. We learn that Cesar has been married for 27 years, and is possibly the most emotionally stable person ever to pass through this show.

On another elevator not far away, Perro Insano is on his way up to CeCe’s apartment to collect his cash. When she doesn’t answer, he breaks down her door, and exchanges one bag of green for another.

Nancy yells at someone in English. Cesar tells her to take a seat, but doesn’t manage to get any farther with the desk clerk, since the computers are down. Nancy sits next to Andy again, who is reading an article about orgy attire in this 1974 magazine. The next quiz question is about what drives the search for true love, for which one multiple choice answer is “the basic human need to feel connected and leave the prison of aloneness.”

Shane and Silas watch the prep school kids on the couch. Silas tells Shane he doesn’t do drugs other than weed, and ecstasy that time I guess. Silas pours Shane a glass of wine, and they toast: “Here’s to this thing we’re doing now, here in this ridiculous place.” These brothers have grown up together in spite of nearly being orphans; we’ve come a long way from the punishment lighter. Their brotherly love has sustained them. When Adelita’s top comes off, the brothers step in. Silas’ polite intervention is overshadowed by Shane’s pulling a knife and threatening the boys quite convincingly in Spanish. Silas is impressed.

The results of the quiz have been tabulated: Andy 89, NancyBot 62. And that’s where things get intense and full of payoff. Someone has told Nancy she sucks in pretty much every episode this season, to the point that it was on the verge of becoming tired. But this scene possibly makes the whole thing.

Nancy: “I know you. This is what you do. You love to be loved. You pull all this love in. You build it all up in your head, and when it gets too close, you run.”

Andy: “You’re a fucking coward. You think all this crazy shit you get into makes you brave, but you’re fucking terrified of being ordinary.”

Nancy: “I would love to ordinary. I would love to be back in Agrestic waiting for Judah to come home.”

Andy: “You burned that town to the ground, and your house. You did that.”

Nancy: “I made some sacrifices for my family, fine.”

Andy: “No, no, no. What you sacrificed was your family.”

Cesar shows up, all “It’s your turn.” They go into an office, where they learn that Esteban was released four hours ago. Nancy beats the messenger with her handbag.

CeCe calls Doug for help, playing right into the hands of her tormentors, one of whom is Dean, in blackface. He has been playing the cop, chasing his clueless ex-wife all day. Blackface Dean plans to go out in public and try to score “some bathroom sex at Applebees.” Isabel thinks he’s going to get his ass kicked.

Nancy and Andy return to the manse where Shane is nursing a glass of wine. He’s celebrating the big announcement that Esteban is back on the ticket with Pilar, holding a press conference on television. And Nancy decides that Andy can have the ring after all, as well as her blessing. “Congratulations,” Shane says to Andy, as Nancy watches yet another of her marriages collapse. Because she doesn’t know anything about love after all.

Next week: someone else may or may not get shot, and this season finally pulls into the station.


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