by pat howard

NURSE JACKIE | 1×12: “Health Care and Cinema”

In Nurse Jackie on August 26, 2009 at 9:34 am

Let us go then, you and I…

After being promised a big surprise, Jackie heads off for her final shift of the season, sensing something isn’t right but not noticing Eddie sneaking into Kevin’s bar. “Who is luckier than me?” Neither Eddie nor Kevin, who’ll spend most of this episode talking to each other about the same person. Except the Jackies they’re talking about are two wholly different people, and it’s interesting to watch at least Eddie’s side of realizing he has no idea who his erstwhile clandestine lover is.

Nutterman remains in a coma, though we’ll learn he can hear things Akalitis and Zoey are saying to him. The former gets stuck in an elevator, because she’s the lame comic relief, remember? The latter mopes around in gray scrubs despite the protests of everyone around her. Even O’Hara misses regular Zoey. And it’s sort of up to Mo-Mo and Thor to help her through this.

Coop has deduced that Jackie broke her own finger, but he thinks it’s so she could spend time with him. Early on, I wasn’t sure what to think of Coop, but he managed to become totally likable despite his cluelessness.

O’Hara’s mother will be arriving from London on a gurney, and the doctor needs her best pal nurse by her side. I think I’ve loved every second of Eve Best this season. You know it’s going to be a great show when the casting bar is set this high…they could be pantomiming fairy tales and it’d get somewhere.

That confounded pill machine shows up every few scenes to irritate the nurses. Coop tries to help make Mo-Mo’s boyfriend jealous. Nutterman can’t remember anything pre-coma, which is gonna be rough for his movie reviewing career.

And finally, drunken Eddie arrives to make a scene at the ER. “I met Kevin, and that’s a very nice bar you got,” he whispers to her on his way out. Jackie hits the head, then collects a triple dose of morphine and lays out just as we saw her when this all began, etherized on the table. Everything has changed, but nothing has either. It’s been a gripping ride, and I’m down for season two.


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