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THE FRIDAY FIVE | Memorable Weeds Moments

In The Friday Five, Weeds on August 28, 2009 at 11:23 pm

weeds_logoI dearly love Weeds, and what with the rapidly approaching finale of the current season, it’s been on my mind a lot lately. Let me share a few moments from the past that have really stuck with me. (Please forgive the severe limitations of the Friday Five format. I could have gone on with these forever, but I’d end up just cataloging every moment of the show, and that would just be silly.)

I have cancer.
Season One | Episode Four
In a scene that is surreal, upsetting, and difficult to follow at best, Celia’s single line is unforgettable: “I have cancer.” In the early seasons, Elizabeth Perkins really made Celia Hodes shine. Celia has outlived her purpose, in some ways, but I can forgive her that when I harken back to times like these.

Can I have my tooth back?
Season Four | Episode Five
It has been a trying day for Nancy, and Celia’s presence never makes things less upsetting. Nancy may be unsympathetic at times, but I can’t help but love her when she rolls Celia’s head up in the car window. If you don’t think Celia absolutely deserves every second of it and so much more, I don’t think I’d like you very much as a person.

Season Three | Episode Fifteen
Arguably the most quintessential Weeds scene in this list, Nancy has communed with her husband’s spirit, set fire to her past, and rides off through the smoking rubble of Agrestic to meet her future. On a stolen Segway.

Watch the Grass Grow
Season Two | Episode Seven
Yeah, they kiss. Yes, they do indeed fuck later on. But one of my very favorite Conrad and Nancy moments ever is when he talks her into smoking with him. As he tells her in one of my very favorite Conrad lines, “One hit takes the shit, rolls it back. Two takes it out the house.”
***END EDIT***

Gamble Everything
Season Two | Episode Three
Silas has many, many issues. He’s growing up pretty well, considering, but in this prime example of his trouble youth, he purposefully tampers with a condom in hopes of impregnating his girlfriend so she won’t leave him. Ben Lee’s “Gamble Everything for Love” playing as Silas takes a safety pin (heh, irony) to a Trojan was so perfect and is a big part of why the scene is my #1 most memorable moment of the show.

And of course I’ve already thought of at least eight other moments that I’d put on the list above these others, but oh well. It is finished.


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