by pat howard

DAYTIME EMMYS | They shoot award shows, don’t they?

In Daytime, Talk Shows, The CW on August 31, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Vanessa Williams hosted. Sesame Street received a lifetime achievement award. And for the first time, the Daytime Emmy Awards were broadcast on The CW. But virtually no one watched.

The View broke its longtime losing streak and finally took home a statue for talk show hosting, but none of the ladies showed. They weren’t alone in spurning what was largely a snoozer.

Indeed, this year’s kudosfest was the least-watched ever, an achievement it repeated for a second year. Perhaps the show will move to cable in the future; it could be forward-thinking and make the jump to Internet only, perhaps on a platform such as Hulu.

But how much longer will the daytime awards be relevant? Even stalwart soaps like Guiding Light are falling by the wayside. That leaves game shows, children’s programs, and talk shows (and since when are there so many talk show subcategories?).

I’ll never say that daytime television isn’t worth recognizing, but the future of these awards is largely dependent on whether it can get out in front of a rapidly evolving business model. Otherwise, what reason do any of us have to tune in?


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