by pat howard

BB11 | Wrapping it up

In Big Brother on September 16, 2009 at 9:14 am

After an interesting start, it turned out to be an unusually fun summer in the Big Brother house. Some random observations:

  • Despite being disbanded halfway through, this season’s cliques ‘twist’ managed to live on in spirit, with a member of each clique landing in the final four.
  • Have two female contestants ever faced off as the final two? Jordan is the fourth female winner in eleven cycles of the show.
  • It’s weird looking back at my pre-season predictions about the HGs. First impressions are tricky, but for the most part people behaved consistently this season.
  • I don’t know if it’s the prenatal vitamins or what, but the Chenbot was remarkable this summer. Her excitement was contagious last night, and all season she’s been on top of follow-up questions despite an even more objectionable wardrobe than usual. Fingers crossed for her and the coming baby.
  • It’s amazing that, after ten years and eleven seasons, this was the most successful summer in the show’s history. I can’t complain, but I’m curious about what got people to finally tune in.
  • I wonder if anyone has caught up with Chima now that the season is over. I’m mildly curious about whether she regrets her decision and what she thinks about how the season turned out. She got her wish: a woman won.
  • It’d be interesting to check in on Jeff and Jordan after six months and see how things turned out with America’s summer sweethearts. Will they go to Hawaii together? Jordan should be able to take some time off from waiting tables, what with that half mil she just picked up. Showmance couples tend to notoriously fall apart, but I think a lot of us are rooting for these two. Maybe we’ll see them as newlyweds on a future run of The Amazing Race.

It’s been a fun summer. I’d love to hear other reactions in the comments. I’m sure we’ll be back next summer for season 12, which is casting now at


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