by pat howard

EMMYS ’09 | Hit-and-run reactions

In Primetime Emmys on September 21, 2009 at 11:18 pm
  • Is there anything Neil Patrick Harris can’t (or won’t) host?
  • The winners were predictable/unsurprising/boring overall, but the broadcast was for the most part snappy.
  • I know I’m ADD about this kind of thing, but the four-shot split screens, overtime clock, and lower-third teases (“So-and-So in 6 Minutes”) kept me engaged, especially during the draggy second hour when I was waiting on my chicken wings to be delivered.
  • Other likes? Moving screens and on-stage control room.
  • Could’ve done without the “best seat in the house” gag. And the Family Guy clip. But I may finally Netflix Dr. Horrible (…I know).
  • At first I thought Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” for the annual In Memoriam eulogy was anachronistic to the rest of the telecast, but given the massive number and caliber of those included, it was a good choice.
  • Shut up, Jeff Probst. You should be stripped of your Emmy based solely on your appearance in last year’s reality-hosts-in-search-of-material Emmycast.
  • I can’t say enough how breezy NPH was about keeping the show moving.
  • 30 Rock was good last year, but maybe not quite this good. Some of the episodes nominated for writing were straight-up questionable.
  • I suppose it’s also time to Netflix Mad Men (…I know). I am in no hurry to queue Breaking Bad or any part of Two and a Half Men.

See you next year, Emmy? You pick the time and place.


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