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NOW ON DVD | Season one of “The Mentalist”

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Own it on DVD Sept 22

Own it on DVD Sept 22

Simon Baker quietly spent four years starring as The Guardian. A few years later, he led a short-lived drama. Then in 2008, his star quality finally connected with audiences. Baker plays Patrick Jane, a phony psychic who directs his observational skills at crime solving after a personal tragedy. With the second season kicking off on CBS, the season one DVD is now available.

The Mentalist reeled me in with its tongue-in-cheek approach to procedural drama. They’re investigating murders each week, but the show manages to find a light, almost whimsical tone. It’s easy to care about such likable characters, and even if you think you’ve cracked the case before any of them have, it’s still fun to stick around and see if your hunch was right or wrong.

The twenty-two episodes look great, and deleted scenes on three episodes match the strong visual quality…no grainy shots or editing detritus that sometimes winds up in such features. These additional scenes all happen to appear in episodes heavily featuring the Red John backstory.

Two documentaries are included among the features. The first is a slick infomercial featuring the cast and creator dishing about what makes their show work. The other delves into the “moral ambivalence” surrounding psychics that is an important element in the show’s mythology. The always-reliable gag reel rounds out the collection.

The package itself is superb. The paper stock is 30% recycled, and its matte finish has a nice feel. Key art looks great, as it should given such a photogenic cast. Six discs and a colorful companion booklet share space in a compact book-style case.

This is a great show to pick up if you enjoy other procedurals but think they take themselves too seriously. It’s also awesome to have on hand in case of a sick day…you can jump in at any point and watch as many as you’re in the mood for. Thanks to Warner Bros. for providing a copy of the DVD for review.


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