by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Los Angeles

In Idol Virgin on January 27, 2010 at 10:41 am

So many questions plagued me during Idol‘s swing through L.A. Chief among them: is unfounded self-confidence our nation’s chief export?

Also, who let the kid from “Mask” audition? Was it the same person who approved Avril Lavigne’s terrible hoodie? And how awkward must it be to make 25-year-old divorcee Lavigne uncomfortable? Alas, all these ponderings went unanswered.

The night’s guest judges surprised me; I expected Katy Perry to be a total weirdo and that Lavigne’s image was a put-on. The opposite seemed to be the case, as Perry and her bug eyes seemed eternally patient and politely interested, but Lavigne came across as entirely bored.

The biographical segments of select contestants seem totally overproduced, and the “kids put it in perspective” trope is not doing anything for me. As to the musical talent, it seemed like the people they put through were unquestionably good…I’m guessing that’s either the editing or an unexpectedly shallow pool of quality. Among the regular judges on the panel, I continue to enjoy Kara the most.

Tonight: Dallas.


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