by pat howard


In Idol Virgin on February 3, 2010 at 11:24 am

I would not have pegged Denver as an audition hot spot.

Victoria Beckham is back in the guest judge chair, looking more like a grasshopper than ever. A video package informs me that we are back in Denver after successfully plucking Chris Daughtry from the city a few years back. Most of the featured singers this time were serious; on the flip side, many of the rejected seemed excessively vulgar. Also in the plus column, Simon was finally catty after all this time.

I’m not sure if it’s that I’ve been sucked into the machine, or just that the editing has shifted, but there were a few more legitimate emotional points of entry than in episodes past. Boy on the Run (the alleged Jack Black lookalike) and Desperate Karaoke were among the cream of the crop. Meanwhile, Football Singer and Punched Yeller seemed genuinely incredulous at the judges’ assessments that they were lacking.

This outing ended on two false notes. The first was the girl who flew from Florence, Italy, to audition. With all the other requisite qualifications, is there not one stating that an American Idol must hail from America? I won’t claim that our nation is the most talented…I’m just saying, it’s in the title of the show. Finally, as a Idol Virgin, there was no payoff for me in Bikini Boy’s audition. It seemed contrived, even for this show.

Tonight, it’s the end of the line for auditions as we sort through what Fox claims are “the best of the rest.”


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