by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Hollywood Week: Group Day

In Idol Virgin on February 10, 2010 at 11:55 pm

Tonight the Idol gang dealt with that most nefarious of foes, the group project. Everyone dreads it, except for the dead weight. But there’s an Idol twist…after the jump.

In this group project, it’s possible to get an individual grade. ‘Live together, die alone’ is not a guarantee, which is a good thing since these groups are formed in haste and this is not ultimately a group competition. These dramatically edited installments are wearying, as was, I imagine, the day or so the groups had to harmonize and choreograph before facing the firing squad. Surprisingly, the judges made a statistically minute number of cuts, which just means the upcoming episodes will be heavy on casualties. Fine by me. There’s nothing so boring as a bloodless coup.

Is it anathema to anything fundamental about Idol that I don’t care even a little about these people’s backgrounds? I was told there’d be a singing competition, and instead we’re forced to endure an endless rehash of all these telethon-style segments about special needs children and reformed criminals. On with the show! Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres continues to position herself well; if she can hold up during the live episodes (provided they come around before all these people’s children graduate from high school), she’s as golden as her close-cropped hair.


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