by pat howard

[UPDATED with IDOL bulletin] Too much Tuesdays

In Quickies on March 2, 2010 at 3:30 pm

My fingers are crossed that folks find new episodes of Southland, which kick off tonight at 10p/9c on TNT. This is the cop drama TNT scooped up when NBC dumped it in favor of The Jay Leno Show…whatever happened with that?

With the Olympics out of the way (and NBC back home in fourth place), Tuesdays are suddenly a DVR’s worst nightmare. Tonight, American Idol has a two-hour performance show. Lost is new and runs 62 minutes. And Southland is staring down a new episode of CBS’s The Good Wife as well as the heavily promoted premiere of Parenthood on NBC. (Psst! You can DVR the late repeat of Southland at 1a/12c.) It feels wrong to complain that there is too much good TV fighting for my eyeballs, but it seems like it’s been some time since a single night was so bogged down in potential quality. Just wait until new episodes of Glee return.

UPDATE: Just in from Fox: “Due to medical issues which would prevent Crystal Bowersox from performing tonight, the 10 male semifinalists will perform this evening, and the 10 female semifinalists will perform tomorrow night.”


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