by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Top 10 guys

In Idol Virgin on March 3, 2010 at 10:21 am

Here’s hoping that scrappy Crystal Bowersox is back in singing shape for tonight’s show.

I’m starting to see what folks were complaining about last week with regard to Ellen’s babbling. Kara was shabbily assembled by her handlers…not sure what was up with that hair. Simon once again is honest and level-headed in his critiques, which of course got him nothing but boos from the audience of hormonal teen girls. Ryan harassing the judges is only cementing my distaste for him. Also, I continue not to enjoy being exposed to the contestants’ families. With these random observations out of the way, here are my thoughts about last night’s performances:

  • Michael Lynche unstrapped that guitar and unleashed a great performance. He can make that ‘larger than life’ thing work for him.
  • John Park phoned in a boring, bland performance.
  • Casey James did okay, but I guess it’s impossible to cover that song well, based on its supposed Idol history. This might be his weakest performance so far.
  • Alex Lambert was a dramatic improvement vocally, even though I continue to loathe his hair. I think this was his week to break through.
  • Todrick Hall got rode hard at the judges’ table. I felt he put a nice spin on the song, but was distracted by him trying so hard not to dance.
  • Jermaine Sellers was 20 years late for the Cosby Show audition he dressed for. I was not feeling his performance, especially the scatting near the end. And he doesn’t seem to know when to shut up.
  • Andrew Garcia can clearly sing, but something intangible is missing from his performances.
  • Aaron Kelly came across as more comfortable this week, though I didn’t love his choice of song. I’m not sure he stood out, but I doubt he’ll wind up in the bottom two.
  • Tim Urban did too much here and forced the song, which didn’t work for the material. He might want to consider Ellen’s advice about pursuing acting.
  • Lee Dewyze might have the staying power to go the distance, if he can keep getting complacent with his success so far.

I’d tell you to judge for yourselves, but the performance videos on are acting up so far this morning. Tonight it’s the top 10 girls (or 9, if Crystal doesn’t get the okay); Thursday is another elimination.


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