by pat howard

OSCARS 2010 | The long journey

In Oscars on March 8, 2010 at 4:58 am

And here I thought seeing some of the nominated films would make the Oscarcast more enjoyable.

The three and a half hour affair was bland and unmemorable. As I feared, Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number just made me later wish that he’d hosted alone. Instead, the unusual duo of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin held court, and I didn’t hate them, but they weren’t anything special. Production gimmicks such as morphing the original texts into their adapted screenplays were cute and well-executed. The choice to eulogize each nominee in the top acting categories wasn’t faulty in itself, but dragged because it came so late in a bloated telecast. Every year, they promise to keep things moving or change them up. I guess we should’ve learned by now, but it’s not like they can blame the field of nominees this year, which seemed especially strong.

The night’s highlights, for me, were the John Hughes tribute, Sandra Bullock’s speech, and Kathryn Bigelow’s history-making win for directing. Sadly, directing was not a strong point of the broadcast itself, which seemed uninformed and random. I did get a nice list of movies “to watch” out of the evening, so maybe that will be its legacy to me.


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