by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Top 8 guys

In Idol Virgin on March 11, 2010 at 11:00 am

Here it is, the last of the semifinal performance episodes.

I’m starting to get nervous about who will be eliminated in this week’s results show. I also have a simmering hatred of the Idol studio audience and their nonstop booing of the judges.

The guys were hands down better than the girls this week, but I guess that doesn’t matter yet. I have been surprised by the number of country performances, which is something I would’ve have expected to be so prevalent. The contestants do cut a wide swath of musical choices though.

Some quick thoughts with crossed fingers as we go into the results show:

  • Lee DeWyze (“Fireflies”) is coming along in the weeks he’s been with the show. This was a great arrangement that depended entirely on the quality of his voice, and it succeeded.
  • Alex Lambert (“Trouble”) did fine but not spectacular. He has to be weirded out by Ellen’s overextended banana analogy.
  • Tim Urban (“Hallelujah”) made a dramatic improvement this week, despite choosing a song that was so much bigger than him.
  • Andrew Garcia (“Genie in a Bottle”) seems to be banking on gender-reversal in his song choices, and I like the commentary of a man singing this song, but I think the gimmick will do him in.
  • Casey James (“You’ll Think of Me”) has no worries about getting through to the top 12, even though this felt like his weakest performance to date. Good song choice, though.
  • Aaron Kelly (“I’m Already There”) got off to a wobbly start, but recovered well.
  • Todrick Hall (“Somebody to Love”) broke my “no Glee songs” rule. His strong voice does seem misplaced in this arena.
  • Michael Lynche (“This Woman’s Work”) was energetic and gave a great performance, but I didn’t get it. I wasn’t crying or anything, Kara.

Sixteen enter tonight, and twelve will come out. My predictions: Paige Miles, Katelyn Epperly, Tim Urban, and Andrew Garcia will be 86ed. I will of course be wrong about at least one of these.


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