by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Rolling Stones night

In Idol Virgin on March 17, 2010 at 8:36 am

American Idol swears that this week’s theme band, the Rolling Stones, are the greatest rock band of all time, but in that “we’ll make these subjective statements every week” way, like how every song is Randy Jackson’s favorite.

Do you think the show realizes that at some point the judges become unnecessary? I guess it’s hard to phase them out, but it almost doesn’t matter how or what they contribute at this stage. That’s good news for Ellen, who is so desperate not to be mean that she just sounds silly at points. Portia de Rossi claimed in an interview that Ellen is upset because she doesn’t like judging people. In that case, why did she take a job where she is expected to judge people? I’d hope for Kara to help a sister out, but she can’t even dress herself lately, and a super-size hickey is the only plausible explanation I can conjecture for her extra large neckwear in recent weeks.

I’ll say up front that I’m not invested in the Rolling Stones, which might have made it more difficult for the top 12 to impress me. Not that none of them did.

  • Michael (“Miss You”) at least brought a swagger to his song, but the big man was overshadowed by his new surroundings. I was more distracted by the stage and its fancy lights than I was captivated by Big Mike.
  • Didi (“Play with Fire”) gave a seductive performance and captured a mood with her song. I like getting weeks off from disliking her.
  • Casey (“It’s All Over Now”) has that natural charisma that cracked through an otherwise abnormally stiff performance.
  • Lacey (“Ruby Tuesday”) had a string section! Other than the weird sitting down, this might be my favorite from Lacey so far.
  • Andrew (“Gimme Shelter”) was boring enough that he might finally be eliminated this week. Now that we’re down to voting off one a week, though, it’s harder to handicap.
  • Katie (“Wild Horses”) was solid with a song that worked well for her.
  • Tim (“Under My Thumb”) was perfectly bland to make it through this week. Nothing special, but competent enough to be forgettable.
  • Siobhan (“Paint It Black”) was the first time last night that I was drawn in for an entire song. She was engaging and took ownership of the stage. I love her background, and I can’t wait to buy her album.
  • Lee (“Beast of Burden”) did great things with his spectacular voice. I loved the arrangement as well.
  • Paige (“Talk the Talk”) apparently has laryngitis, which I guess explains her muddy voice and lack of enunciation.
  • Aaron (“Angie”) also falls into this middle-of-the-pack category, though he’s at least leading it.
  • Crystal (“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”) was of course good, despite picking the obvious song.

I’m getting attached to some of these people, so it’s going to be sad when one of my favorites is eventually let go. I’d say Andrew is most likely to go home this week. Casey, Siobhan, Lee & Crystal are my top four; here’s hoping that isn’t broken up anytime soon.


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