by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | And then there were nine…

In Idol Virgin on April 7, 2010 at 9:55 am

In light of last week’s performance show, anything that happened this week had to be much better.

What was the deal with no one being allowed to say Beatles? Everyone taking the long way around was hilarious and made it apparent that something was up. Speaking of confusing ridiculousness, has Kara been raiding Paula Abdul’s storage locker of bad ’90s outfits?

  • Aaron (“The Long & Winding Road”) kind of bored me to sleep. B-
  • Katie (“Let It Be”) put on a confident display of her vocal talents, which we haven’t gotten to see very often. As we saw in a lot of these performances, the song has a life of its own that can work for or against the contestants. B+
  • Andrew (“Can’t Buy Me Love”) is marking time, and this crappy arrangement isn’t doing his confusing look any favors. C
  • Mike (“Eleanor Rigby”) can obviously sing, but I don’t really get any of what he’s doing. Weeks like this just prove that either I’m out of touch or America is. B
  • Crystal (“Come Together”) took a cliched song, and rocked it with a didgeridoo! A+
  • Tim (“All My Lovin'”) was, as Randy saliently noted, good for a Tim performance. B
  • Casey (“Jealous Guy”) gave a commanding stripped performance of a song I had never heard before. A-
  • Siobhan (“Across the Universe”) was almost too soft in a beautifully staged performance showing off an atypically understated vocal. A
  • Lee (“Hey Jude”) didn’t give his strongest performance ever, but it seemed concert-like. He was warm and unafraid, even engaging the audience in a singalong. A-

I can’t wait for tonight’s results show, where I assume the bottom three are between Aaron, Andrew, and Teflon Tim. How are we down to just three girls?


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