by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Beatles Week results show

In Idol Virgin on April 8, 2010 at 11:12 am

I’ve got something to say about the save.

Should there be a judges’ save in the first place? I don’t know. Let me, in keeping with the format of the series, put off the meat of the show to mention performances by Jason Derulo, Rihanna, and Idol alum David Archuleta.

Now that that’s out of the way, your bottom three were Andrew, Aaron, and Big Mike. Semi-shockingly, Mike had the least amount of votes and finds himself in a tough spot. But he chooses to sing “This Woman’s Work” and remind the judges about his melodramatic backstory that curried their favor in the first place. So they use that judges’ save, and I didn’t understand how it would be controversial until it happened.

I understand the idea and potential benefits of the save. America makes poor decisions sometimes, God knows. I haven’t been on board the Big Mike train in quite a while. I just don’t get it, and I think I haven’t gotten it since the first time he sang “This Woman’s Work.” As Kara sat there crying, I realized that whatever people connect to with Mike is not a place I have been or can get to. I assumed that meant he wasn’t my kind of Idol.

This week, either Big Mike’s fan base assumed he was safe or enough of America agrees with me that we could take or leave Mike’s potential career, and he found himself in last place. I was surprised, then validated in my assessment of Mike, and finally relieved that I wouldn’t have to keep wondering what I was missing in his performances. Granted, there are people like Tim and Andrew who are definitively less talented than Mike, but if Ryan Seacrest has taught us anything, it’s that perseverance will eventually steamroll talent. Mike found himself in a tough spot, and the judges gambled their save on him.

My first issue with this is twofold and relates to next week. It means we have to cram nine performances into an 88-minute show (the Glee spring premiere is at 9:28p/8:28c). It also means a double-elimination next week, which sounds like a lot to cram into an hour, at least by Idol standards. And it creates the most probable scenario for someone I’m rooting for to be surprise-eliminated without any recourse.

It’s decently obvious that Crystal, for example, is in no danger. She is far and away the front-runner, so that leaves a middle and a bottom of the pack. The middle, best I can tell, is Lee, Casey, and Siobhan. Katie’s got a shot if she can build on her performance this week, and then you have Mike, the unkillable Tim, Aaron who will get lost in the shuffle, and Andrew, whose continued presence is at this point baffling. A number of things could go wrong for any of these folks and change up the order. I’m just not sure I would’ve gambled my save on Mike (though he’s far more deserving than Didi or Paige) with four weeks left to use it.

Whatever America decides in the coming weeks will be the just outcome. In a show called American Idol, it’s America’s vote that ultimately decides. Which is why Mike will be back next week, right?


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