by pat howard

Sunday in a flash

In Breaking Bad, The Amazing Race on April 12, 2010 at 9:25 am

Quick thoughts on The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss finale, and Breaking Bad.

Carol and Brandy had a target on their backs going into this leg of The Amazing Race. They have at times shown excessive attitude, and it was never more played up in the editing than it was this week. In either case, the Models’ alliance with the Detectives succeeded in perpetuating their perception of another team. Way to control the editing, contestants! No Race next week, and we’re nearing the end. I’m rooting for the Cowboys, who I’d like to see in the final three with the Detectives and the Brothers.

Undercover Boss wound up its first season with episodes about Roto-Rooter and 1-800-Flowers. With companies like Waste Management and Roto-Rooter, the show has the opportunity to demonstrate what these jobs involve and create empathy for the folks on the other end of the line when your plumbing is backed up. By putting us in the eyes of the executive, who is as inexperienced as the audience, we get the vicarious ridealong without any of the unpleasant sights or smells. I am suspicious about the show’s optimism that a second season will be easy to keep under wraps, but the show has grown on me. Will all this exposure draw bigger or smaller companies? More household names or lesser-known entities? I’m not sure when a second season will debut.

Breaking Bad continues to be a delightfully desolate ride. The unforgiving, methodically slow pace allows the weight of the mess Walt and Jesse have created to linger. Weeds, on the other hand, keeps things moving, madcap style, and tries its best not to let Nancy consider consequences too often. Walt’s attempt to seduce his boss was a groaner, and the scene in the school parking lot where he criticized Jesse’s product was fun. These two are being forced back together, which is great news on a show that’s all about the chemistry. Hank’s thin line between panic attacks/fear and genuine desire to crack the blue meth case has also been a delightful mind game.


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