by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Top 9 perform…again

In Idol Virgin on April 14, 2010 at 10:03 am

After last week’s judges save, the top nine contestants sing again, with special guest Adam Lambert as Elvis.

  • Crystal (“Saved”) was kind of blah. It was nothing special, certainly for her, and the backup singers were distracting. A-
  • Andrew (“Hound Dog”) was atrocious. ‘Change it up’ doesn’t mean slow the tempo down to a flatline. (WT)F
  • Tim (“Falling in Love”) finally turned in a performance I can get excited about. I think this might have been his best ever. A-
  • Lee (“A Little Less Conversation”) is pushing himself to have presence and had fun with the arrangement. A
  • Aaron (“Blue Suede Shoes”) made his voice sound older than 16 while owning the stage and the song. A
  • Siobhan (“Suspicious Minds”) was interesting as usual. I liked the choreography. B
  • Michael (“In the Ghetto”) was almost too stripped down and slow for me. B-
  • Katie (“Baby What Do You Want Me To Do”) got meta on the judges but kept a great attitude and added a fun horn section. B
  • Casey (“Lawdy, Miss Clawdy”) gave a fine performance, though I didn’t care for the song choice. B

Dear America: Can this please be the week we send Andrew packing? He’s terrible. It is a double elimination night, and if he is not one of the two evictees, I will be very upset.


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