by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Inspirational Songs Week

In Idol Virgin on April 21, 2010 at 7:54 am

One thing Idol apparently has no interest in giving back is the four extra minutes it stuffed into last night’s performance show.

I understand that seven is a lot of performances to cram into an hour, so why doesn’t the Idol team? In the contestant department, things were all over the place.

  • Casey (“Don’t Stop”) made the electric guitar work for him. It was a fun start to the show, which doesn’t always happen. B+
  • Lee (“The Boxer”) made a bold, risky song choice that will surely pay off. He still doesn’t seem to realize that he is likely to advance to the final rounds. A
  • Tim (“Better Days”) was pitchy, aimless, and easily the worst singer of the night. He was starting to get good, and then this happened. C-
  • Aaron (“I Believe I Can Fly”) was technically sound, but his voice didn’t blow me away as I was expecting from the video of his rehearsal with Alicia Keys. B
  • Siobhan (“When You Believe”) made me stop believing in her. She’s a two-trick pony. Trick one is hitting ludicrously high notes. Trick two is flailing to defend herself to the judges and eat up precious time. Stop letting her talk, Seacrest! B-
  • Mike (“Hero”) always makes the guitar look silly and out of place, like a tiny hat on a bear. Sorry, America, I’m still not down with Mike. B
  • Crystal (“People Get Ready”) radiated strength, from her a capella open to her authentic breakdown at the end of the song. I’m kind of embarrassed for her and America that she still has to compete, because this competition was probably over months ago. A

Two hours of Idol Gives Back tonight, and hopefully one of the things it’ll be giving back is Tim or Siobhan, to their families and friends.


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