by pat howard

THE AMAZING RACE | 16×11: “They Don’t Even Understand Their Own Language”

In The Amazing Race on May 3, 2010 at 10:56 am

With one episode to go, we have a final three.

In a season that was almost teeming with woefully unintelligent people, it’s a surprisingly strong final three teams. Even more so if you had bet against models Brent and Caite, whose single-minded mission was to improve public perception of her after “the Iraq” a few years ago. There are some (like Carol & Brandy) who will never be interested in her redemption, but she has proven tenacious if nothing else. I could’ve done without them making it to the end, but what would that have proven to anyone? She may not be as dumb as she was made out to be, but she comes off way more irritating, as evidenced by her refusal to let poor Brent go to the bathroom during a lengthy task. This isn’t a “pee on yourself for a mil” situation like we saw a couple seasons ago with the sisters. On top of that, they were so far ahead that it was inevitable they’d make the final cut.

Brothers Dan and Jordan struggled with infighting mid-race, but have spent the last several legs focusing on the dream of competing in — and now potentially winning — the race. The screeching has been minimized, but does still rear, as we saw with that cabdriver meltdown. Their “never be alone and in last place” strategy is golden, something I hadn’t considered before but can’t stop thinking about since they brought it up. Given that the detectives had to deal with a speed bump, it was a sure bet they’d gain a little time once the foursome got where they were going. The brothers seem to be salivating the taste of victory and will make for stiff competition to the finish line.

Rounding out a competitive final leg will be the cowboys, Jet and Cord, whose ridiculous names only seem less silly because I’ve heard them for a dozen weeks now. They played the ‘underestimated country bumpkin’ card well and quickly proved that they could tackle anything in their path, usually with speed and freakish accuracy. It’s ridiculous how many first-place finishes they’ve racked up, though that isn’t always an indicator of who will win.

As for the dearly departed detectives, they ran a good race. Things seemed to be coming apart in these last two legs, and sometimes there’s no recovering from a speed bump, however minute. They were truly pleasant guys, neither of whom I initially pegged to go far, and I will remember them for at least a couple more seasons.

It’s hard to say who will cross the finish line first, but I can at least break down the Race finale tropes. There will be an equalizing international flight. In San Francisco, the destination city, two teams will be close together and one will either lead or trail the pack. It’s just about anyone’s game, but if you put the screws to me I’d say advantage: cowboys. See you next week, season finale!


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