by pat howard

IDOL VIRGIN | Five for Frank

In Idol Virgin on May 5, 2010 at 9:03 am

Harry Connick, Jr. seemed to be a great mentor, giving actual technical advice. But most of the Idols just didn’t know what to do with Frank Sinatra Week.

That’s probably partly because none of them are old enough to remember the glory days of the Rat Pack. I’m not either, which might be part of why the night seemed so unforgivably boring. Let’s break it down.

  • Aaron (“Fly Me to the Moon”), despite a garbled start, found a swagger but not a smile. He just didn’t have that twinkle, which I guess is the standard at this point given that these five can obviously sing. B
  • Casey (“Blue Skies”) didn’t seem to be in his body. His performance didn’t work on any level, other than to make Aaron look good by comparison. C
  • Crystal (“Summer Wind”) seems to flail when choosing songs that have a personal meaning for her. She had presence, but it was boring. Two off weeks in a row for her. B+
  • Mike (“The Way”) is selling it, but could’ve had a bit  more behind the voice. This is a theme he was almost guaranteed to do well with, but it’s not one I’d imagine to be commercially viable. A-
  • Lee (“That’s Life”) has blossomed over the course of the competition and hit it out of the park as the final performer of the night. A

One would think that, for all the judges’ talk of being in it to win it, the theme would’ve been more energetic. Perhaps a viewers choice week is in order, with online voting to pick songs for the contestants. I’m ready to see how the rest of the season plays out.


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